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Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Company in Chandigarh

Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Company in Chandigarh- A healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining normal body weight, and avoiding tobacco are one of the best ways to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. In India, it is recorded a 50% increase in ischemic heart disease and stroke from the past decade. This is resulting in an increasing demand for cardiac and diabetic medicines. That’s why we at Mestra Pharma, a leading cardiac and diabetic range brand in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that has ISO 9001:2008 certification is providing the medicines to prevent heart-related healthcare issues. Also, we have ISO and GMP certification for the manufacturing of high-quality medicines. We guaranteed convenient and easy access to pharmaceutical formulations with the best distribution network in all regions of India. Also, Mestra Pharma offers the highly innovative and classic formulation of medicines and drugs for the Cardiac Diabetic Franchise in Chandigarh.

Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Company in Chandigarh

According to stats, the number of people with diabetes has increased 2.5 times from 26 million in 1990 to 65 million in 2016. Our company formulates the medicines and drugs with continuous research and development with the help of top experts from the industry. Our company has spacious warehouses for the storage of quality drug formulations. The years of hard work and dedication made us at the top in the pharma sector. People started to recognize us as the best pharma company in the Indian pharma market. We deliver about 250+ products in cardiac and diabetic products at the most affordable cost. Our formulations guarantee the fastest recovery for all age groups. So, if you are planning to enter in PCD Pharma franchise business choose Mestra Pharma for cardiac and diabetic range drugs and medicines.

Impact of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Diseases on Men & Women

India is a country with 135.27 crores of the population out of which according to health statistics, between the years 1990 and 2016, Indians recorded a 50% increase in ischemic heart disease and stroke. The number of people with diabetes has increased 2.5 times from 26 million in 1990 to 65 million in 2016. Thus, there is a continuous rise in health-related issues especially related to the heart.

The changing lifestyle and standard of living creating the challenges among people. Also, the consumption of alcohol and an unhealthy diet leads the Indian population towards danger health concerns like:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Diabetics
  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmia etc.

Increasing Demand for Cardiac & Diabetic Medicines in Chandigarh

All the increasing health care issues are resulting in high demand for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, injections, etc. Which is a great business opportunity for the pharma sector to serve the market with the best innovative and quality medicines and drugs. Many of the companies are in a race to provide the best products for curing all kinds of health issues.

Thus, approximately 62 million of the population is suffering from diabetes, and also for cardiovascular disease, 272 people lost their lives out of 1 lakh affected persons. All of this is leading to increasing demand for cardiac and diabetic range products. We at Mestra Pharma have an exclusive product range for cardiac and diabetic issues. Our formulation development team and regulatory department are focused on bringing the latest products to our customers.

Pre-eminent Cardiac and Diabetic PCD  Pharma Franchise Company| Mestra Pharma

Mestra Pharma guaranteed is the market chief for PCD Pharma Company. Our immense and energizing item portfolio and its high evaluation quality make Mestra an eminent name for the Cardiac and Diabetic PCD Pharma Franchise in the Indian pharmaceutical business. We are the certified company and have WHO and GMP confirmed manufacturing units. Our center is Hygiene and offering quality items to our customers. Here we have mentioned the topmost reasons to choose us for cardiac and diabetic range medicines and drugs in Chandigarh.

  • One of the established PCD pharma companies offering franchises in Chandigarh.
  • Quality medicines to sustain better and enhanced life.
  • We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.
  • We possess superior WHO & GMP certified plants.
  • Exclusive range of medicines and drugs.

Immense Product range for Cardia & Diabetic Franchise in India

Mestra Pharma offers a massive range of products for assuring the market presence in all segments. With the immense product range with continuous research and development today we are dealing in various market segments and our product range includes mentioned formulations.

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Injections
  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Gels etc.

Advertising & Promotional Benefits for Choosing Mestra Pharma in Chandigarh

We offer a wide range of Marketing promotional tools for enhancing sales in the market. Our company provides 24×7 customer support to delivering 100% satisfaction. We provide benefits to our associates by providing the mentioned facilities in terms of marketing and promoting the product. Also, we have a special department for handling the marketing of medicines which only focus on marketing techniques of different products as per the different ways. We focus on delivering the listed marketing and promotional benefits to our associates.

  • Scientific Visual guide
  •  Scientific Literature
  •  Visiting cards
  •  Catch Covers
  •  Calendars
  •  Leave behind Literature
  •  Product Stickers
  •  Time to Time Gifts

We are empowering our franchise associates by providing them adequate facilities to boost the PCD Pharma Franchise business venture. If you possess leadership qualities and knowledge regarding the pharmaceutical world then this business deal is suitable for you. So, for more information and details you can contact us 24×7 we are always there to support and guide you.

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