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PCD Pharma Franchise in Aligarh

PCD Pharma Franchise in Aligarh– Medicines are very costly these days and hard to find due to their low-efficiency production. But Mestra Pharma is the Leading Pharma Company in Aligarh as well as India in the production of a High-Quality and affordable range of medicines for consumers. Mestra Pharma formulates patient-friendly, premier-quality pharma products and medications utilizing its R&D expertise, extensive experience, etc. These are the reason for Mestra Pharma’s top ranking in PCD Pharma Franchise Business in Aligarh.

The Company deals with 200+ products in different states of the nation such as Tablets, Capsules, Injectable Syrups, Drops, and many more. The Company provides top-notch quality medicines to its clients and customers in the process of saving the lives of many. Mestra Pharma uses superior-quality raw materials in the process of manufacturing. Our medicare products are ISO and GMP certified and label marked. Products manufactured under the strict guidance of the company’s higher rank officers and experts in the field. Our quality terms and conditions make us a successful PCD Pharma Franchise in Aligarh and India.

Pharma PCD Franchise in Aligarh

To know more about the company’s latest product portfolio, or excellent franchise services, you can make a call at +91-9719839944 or you can also drop an e-mail at enquiry@mestrapharma.com

Great PCD Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity in Aligarh

Aligarh is a highly-populated area of the country with around a population of 8 lakh makes it the 53rd largest populated city of Uttar Pradesh, India. People in Aligarh are well educated and aware of preventive measures, therefore, they expend a good amount of their budget on pharma products to maintain a healthy life. Hence, PCD Pharma Franchise is the most profitable business in Aligarh, the investors already making a huge amount of money in the Pharmaceutical business in Aligarh.

Mestra Pharma also provides promotion tools to Promote products among people. Mestra Pharma leading the business in the Pharmaceutical field in Aligarh. The Company is famous among the public for its wide range of high-quality medicare products. The company increases its business on the PAN India level through many ways like promotions of products.

We use a varied range of promotional tools to reach more public. The company uses official websites, medical journals, advertisements, hoardings, and social media handles, etc. The Company also hires celebrities to promote its products as they are role models of youngsters so the company inspired youth about its products with the help of celebrities such as cricketers, actors, etc.

Top-Notch Production and Quality Control at Mestra Pharma

Mestra Pharma is a well-known Brand in Pharma Industry in Aligarh. it manufactures high-quality medicines in the company. The Company has different Departments in the company for the initial process to final dispatch as mentioned below.

  1. The Manufacturing Department- Manufacturing Department is the primary department of the organization. where raw material changed in medical products with the help of different instruments such as reactors, receivers, etc.
  2. Quality Department- Quality Department of the company checks the quality of products during production. Samples of the products are collected by the unit of quality controllers and tested in labs in order to maintain the quality of products.
  3. Ethics and Rules-Regulation- The company works as per in norms mentioned in ethics and rules-regulation policies based on the instructions of the FDA.
  4. Packing- Company uses high-quality standard packets for packing with label marks and attractive stickers.

Product Range for PCD Pharma Franchise in Aligarh

The Company manufacture every type of medical product are mentioned below.

  • Capsule
  • Dusting Powder
  • Injectables,
  • Lotion,
  • Ointment,
  • Tablet,
  • Liquids,
  • Sachet,
  • Shampoo,
  • Soap, etc.

In Mestra Pharma various dosage forms are available for PCD Pharma Franchise in Aligarh such as solid, semi-solid, and liquid. It makes us one of the finest brands in the PCD Pharma Business.

Mestra Pharma is a dedicated organization to its customers and clients as this is the primary aim of the company to satisfy our customers in a quality manner and range of rates. The company follows its Business Policies at each step of the process, Policies are written as per norms of the FDA. As a result, we have a huge client base in India.

Benefits of Choosing us for Pharma Franchise Business in Aligarh

Mestra Pharma always believes in Transparency, Honesty, Fairness, and Integrity. The Company always pushes its limits in order to manufacture the best medicines. Here are some benefits to be a part of Mestra Pharma.

  • Unique Monopoly Rights,
  • 100% stock availability,
  • Timely Delivery of products,
  • Accurate compositions,
  • 24*7 customer support, etc.

As a PCD Pharma Franchise in Aligarh, we provide satisfactory services to our customers in order to reach more people around the nation. Our primary aim is to be the Biggest Brand in the pharmaceutical field at International Level.

Reach out to us!

Name:- Mestra Pharma

Address:- A-401, Empire Business Hub, Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad- 380060

Contact No:- +91-9719839944

E-Mail:- enquiry@mestrapharma.com.

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