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BRAND NAME: Lestrop Tab

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Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet is related to that class of medication that is useful in the treatment of premature labor. Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet comes under the category of synthetic progesterone female hormone that is normally known as progestin. Premature labor is a kind of health situation, in which premature labor starts before the 37 weeks of pregnancy, due to some health issues like high blood pressure, premature rupture of membranes, and poor diet during pregnancy. On the other hand, a miscarriage is a situation of pregnancy that mostly happens between the first three months of pregnancy, due to a miscarriage female faces the unexpected loss of pregnancy before 21 weeks of pregnancy.

Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet is made up of progestin, a female hormone also known as Allylestrenol. This salt is useful in many ways for the patient like; Allylestrenol regulates the response of the immune system of a pregnant lady, provides prevention from the rejection of the embryo, and connects the embryo to the uterus. Additionally, Allylestrenol also helps in improving the flow of blood in the placenta and provides relaxation to the pregnant female by preventing regular miscarriage. Allylestrenol is useful in lowering the risk of premature labor in pregnant women.

Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet is used only with the recommendation of a doctor; otherwise, the patient may feel the harmful effects of the medication. The doctor will advise the patient on doses and duration after examining the health condition of the patient, in other words, we can say that if the patient’s condition is worst then the doctor prescribed the patient to use Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet for a long time. Generally, Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet is used to be safe but in many cases, some female patients may feel some common side effects.  These side effects include menstrual disturbances, swelling over the body, fever, headache, fatigue, unwanted hair, change in weight, and pimples. Common side effects with the use of Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet may not need any kind of medical attention, in other words, we can say that those symptoms of side effects are gone after a particular time if these side effects increased continue then the patient must contact with the doctor.

Patients should stop the use of Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet after informing the doctor otherwise it may cause heavy bleeding in female patients. In case of having any allergic problem with Allylestrenol salt patient should contact his doctor. Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet is not for use in children to treat any other health issue. Regular use of Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet may cause dizziness so the patient should avoid the use of machinery in that situation.

Product specification of Allylestrenol-5 mg Tablet

Brand Name: Lestrop Tab

Manufacturer:  Mestra Pharma

Category:  Gyne range

Composition: Allylestrenol-5 mg

Packaging type: Blister

Packaging size: 10*10

Medicine type: Allopathic

Country of origin: India

Form of medicine: Tablet

Uses and Medical benefits of the use of Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet

Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet is manufactured for medical purposes for treating health issues in females like premature labor, and recurrent miscarriage. Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet consists of Allylestrenol salt that provides relief to female patients for avoiding symptoms of miscarriage and premature labor. Following are the medical benefits of using the Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet.

  1. It regulates the immune response of the patient.
  2. Decrease the risk of rejecting the embryo
  3. Increase the blood flow in the placenta
  4. Provide relaxation to the uterus muscle
  5. Low risk of premature labor
  6. Helpful in the treatment of intrauterine growth retardation
  7. Improve irregularity in the menses cycle
  8. Premenstrual syndrome

Storage of Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet

The doctor recommends keeping Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and reach of children and pets.

Drug-to-drug interactions with the use of Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet

Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet may interact with many categories of drugs, which cause some symptoms of side effects. Following is the name list of some other drugs that can interact with the Allylestrenol-5 mg tablet.



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