Ceftriaxone 250 MG

Ceftriaxone Injection – This injection is a cephalosporin antibiotic that is used to treat several kinds of bacterial infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease, pneumonia, gonorrhea, meningitis, E Coli, and infections of skin, ears, lungs, urinary tracts, joints, and bones. Ceftriaxone Injection is also used to prevent infections that may evolve after the operation in people having surgeries. PATHOCID-250 is the brand name of Ceftriaxone Injection available at Mestra Pharma.

How should Ceftriaxone Injection be Used?

This injection comes in both ways, a powder that is to be mixed with liquid or a premixed formulation. It can be injected intravenously as well as intramuscularly, i.e. into a vein and into a muscle respectively. It is given once or twice a day up to the recommended time period by the doctor, depending on the type of infection that is to be treated. This injection is mainly injected by the doctor or nurse but if it is to be treated by the patient itself, proper prescription of medication is provided by the doctor or health expert. The usual duration of this treatment is 4 to 14 days but the duration can be exceeded in complicated infections.

Preventative Measures for Injecting Ceftriaxone Injection

  1. Check with the doctor if the symptoms don’t disappear even after the complete course of this injection.
  2. Inform the doctor promptly if improper breathing, hoarseness, hives, or swelling on the face, hands, and mouth appears.
  3. Do not take other medications while injecting this injection if not endorsed by the doctor.
  4. Familiarize the doctor if any allergic reaction with related injectables had taken place in the past.
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