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Meropenem 500mg Injection is an intravenous beta-lactam antibiotic that treats a variety of bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, meningitis, intra-abdominal infection, sepsis, and anthrax. It is administered to those admitted to the hospital and who are critically ill by a nurse or doctor. This medication contains Meropenem, which acts by inhibiting the bacterial wall synthesis like other β-lactam antibiotics. Meropenem is bactericidal against most bacterias.

The spectrum of Meropenem includes most gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, including Pseudomonas and anaerobic bacteria. This drug doesn’t work for flu, colds, and other viral infections. The self-administration of Meropenem 500mg Injection is not recommended. It is administered under the supervision of a doctor by a nurse. To know more deets, consult your healthcare provider, Also, you can read the label intact to know its uses.

Meropenem Injection Uses

Doctors prescribe this antibiotic injection to treat various bacterial infections, such as:-

  • Skin,
  • Lungs,
  • Stomach,
  • Urinary tract,
  • Blood,
  • Brain, etc.


To attain the best effects, complete the prescribed treatment course. Do not abruptly stop the treatment course as it may result in a relapse of the infection. In addition, individuals with epilepsy (seizures), kidney or liver problems should narrate their medical history before commencing treatment with this medicine. Moreover, one can consider following the below-listed points.

  1. Kindly do not self-administer. In general, a doctor or nurse administers this injection.
  2. Tell your healthcare provider if you ever have had brain lesions, seizures, or kidney disease.
  3. If women become pregnant during the treatment course with a Meropenem injection, she should inform the doctor.
  4. Inform your doctor about the other medications you are taking, including prescription and nonprescription medications, nutritional supplements, etc.
  5. Evade driving vehicle or operating heavy machinery as it Meropenem 500mg Injection may affect mental alertness.

With these points in mind, use Meropenem 500mg Injection. Ensure the proper use of this medicine by checking with your doctor.

Side effects of Meropenem 500mg Injection

Like other medications, this medicine also offers some mild side effects. Those adverse reactions fade away after a short time. However, if you notice any rare side effects or persistent problems, inform your healthcare provider.

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Headache
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Constipation

Seek medical help or inform your doctor if you experience hives, itching, rash, flushing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the uses of Meropenem 500mg Injection?

A. Meropenem Injection is used to treat various bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, intra-abdominal infection, etc.

Q. How many days should Meropenem 500mg Injection be given?

A. 4 to 7 days for high-risk community-acquired infections. Consult a doctor for more details.

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