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June 19, 2023
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List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi

List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi– With the growth in the pharma sector, many cities and states are experiencing a high rate of growth. Baddi too has emerges in its growth status as the attractive center of many pharmaceutical companies.

From edge-cutting technology to discovering innovation, many pharmaceutical companies have flourished in the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi. Each day comes with challenges in the field of medical care. Baddi itself is a township of many firms that have offered a business of nearly 30,000 crores in all.

List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi

Many pharmaceutical firms offer business opportunities to clients who evolve their interest in the franchise business. It is said that nearly 1000 Pharmaceutical franchises are situated in Baddi.

For you, we have the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi which are the future of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. They are best known to offer ISO, WHO, and GMP-certified products.

As the generic PCD franchise sector is evolving, the client base is getting stronger. All pharmaceutical firms come under the Indian regulatory system. Finding the best one is getting tougher as the competition is increasing but with our List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi, your search may end.

List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi

We have made all your search with our marketing analysis of finding the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi. Throughout the country, it is Baddi that has the best pharmaceutical companies with the leading ones mentioned below.

Mestra Pharma

mestra pharma

Mestra Pharma is number one in the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi. The firm was established nearly more than a decade back and believes in state-of-art manufacturing.

With its consistency and trust in a pharmaceutical firm, it offers a diverse range of more than 200+ products. These consist of various syrups, injectables, tablets, capsules, sachets, ointments, and much more on the market.

Believing in offering the best PCD Pharma Franchise model, it collaborates with the client at their respective conditions. It thereby promotes a client-centric approach to the professional relationship.

Adding further, the firm is ISO, GMP, and WHO certified which makes its products assured in standards. The benefits offered are monopoly rights, promotional support and on-time assistance with the provision of timely deliveries.

Mestra Pharma is ethical in collaboration and best in marketing support.

Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba Pharmacia

Ababia Pharmacia is growing with stability since 2014. It has come under the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi because of its vast variety of pharmaceutical products.

The company is supportive of all its clients and benefits them with clear approaches of promotional support, marketing assistance, and monopoly rights.

The company is continuously providing growth opportunities to all its clients and regularly forming the newest opportunities to help them expand their business in Baddi’s township.

Apikos Pharma

Apikos pharma A well-known pharmaceutical company in Baddi, Apiukos Pharma is an ISO-certified pharmaceutical firm that offers nearly 100+ products and with it, it has the best in class medicine portfolio.

Grabbing the spot in the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi, it has become the leading one to have a vast client base throughout the state of Himachal Pradesh.

You can collaborate with the company at affordable rates and have the best benefits of association. It deals in a variety of capsules, tablets, syrups, injections, etc.

Eridanus Healthcare

eridanus healthcare

Eridanus Healthcare is a GMP, WHO, and ISO-certified firm that provides the market with valuable pharmaceutical drugs. It has specialized production in neuropsychiatric products.

The company follows all the government-assured Propaganda Cum Distribution policies. Its services are reliable and affordable. You must definitely get its PCD Pharma Franchise Policy to have an astonishing Customer base.

The company is also in talks as it offers contract services & HCO to companies dealing in the drug development process.

Servocare Lifesciences

Servocare Lifesciences

Servoccare Lifescience being in the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi offers the dynamic of growth to all the professional associates in the pharmaceutical sector.

The company benefits the client with a huge range of profits, quality-assured products, and sustainable collaboration.

A trustworthy company indeed offers suitable merits to the investors and the best part of the firm is that it has established its roots in the domestic as well as in the international market.

Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare Pax Healthcare is a multi- facilitate organization that follows internationally certified organizations. This is one the fastest growing PCD Pharma, franchises in India.

The firm is looking for candidates for want to buildup the future in the pharmaceutical industry.

It has its specialties in a diversified range of  Gynecology, Anti-infective, Cardiology, Health Supplements, pediatrics, Diabetology,  Antibiotics, etc.

Medxone Healthcare

Medxone Healthcare Medxone Healthcare is a company that has built its trusted firm with the help of its professional staff. The company deals in a premium range of pharmaceutical products and offers a range of medicine that are made under high technology conditions.

All its products pass the quality check and are approved by clinical experts before entering the market.

Netprime Pharma

Netprime Phrma

Netprime Pharma is among the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi.

The company looks forward to generating new molecules to bring something new and more effective which could make life better for the patients.

The company provides high-quality branded drugs at affordable prices so that most of the patients could get the benefits of their products. Netprine Pharma is well known for the treatment of Dermatology, oncology, and respiratory therapy.

Medlock Healthcare

Medlock HealthcareMedlock Healthcare is among the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi. It has a large list of products that are supreme in quality. The company claims to manufacture the finest drug and pharma products in the market.

The medicines are available at affordable prices and it is having a domestic as well as global presence. This company is best in terms of production, positioning, and presence in the domestic and international arena.

Zoic Life Sciences

Zoic Lifesciences

 Zoic Life Sciences is the pharmaceutical company that has made its strong presence in the Pharma industry with its wide range of pharma products. The company is known for providing the best quality of effective pharma formulation in all parts of the country.

This ISO certified manufacturing company provides a good product range and contributes well by coming up with new and innovative products. The is the prominent reason by which it is in the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi.


This was the List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi , we hope the list might solve your confusion about choosing the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company for your Pharma business. This list of companies has been prepared on the basis of the quality, demand, and turnover of the companies. These are the best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Baddi whose investment in any of these companies will surely provide you with good returns and growth.

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