Elemental Calcium 250 mg + Vitamin D3 125 I.U.

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Elemental Calcium 250 mg + Vitamin D3 125 I.U.

This medication is a combination of Elemental Calcium and Vitamin D3. It is a sort of food supplement to fulfill the deficiency of calcium and vitamin in the body. When the body is not getting enough calcium or Vitamin D3 or it is not absorbing it fully, then the body develops calcium and Vitamin D3 deficiency. In this case, our body needs extra substances other than routine food to overcome these deficiencies. This medication has calcium and Vitamin D3 in such a form that it is quickly absorbed by the body.

Calcium is necessary for the normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscles, bones, etc. and if the body is not able to get enough calcium then it has to resort to taking that calcium from bones resulting in weak bone strength. Elemental Calcium is useful in the treatment of conditions caused by its deficiency such as weak bones, osteoporosis (bone loss), hypoparathyroidism (decreased activity of parathyroid glands).

Now, in order to absorb this calcium, our body requires Vitamin D3. Thus it is important to have the right amount of Vitamin D3 and Calcium in the body for good bone health. Both of these work complementary to each other. It is also significantly required during the pregnancy and lactation phases.


Elemental Calcium 250 mg + Vitamin D3 125 I.U is an oral suspension to be taken with food. The actual dosage of the suspension will be as determined by your doctor/dietician based on your medical condition and the extent of deficiency in the body.


  1. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any component of this medication.
  2. Also, tell your doctor about any other allergies you have in general.
  3. Carefully measure your doses using the measuring cap given along with the medication.
  4. If you miss a dose then take it if there is a good time gap for the next dose otherwise skip that and continue with the next one.

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