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Ceftriaxone 1gm Injection is related to that class of medications that work as antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Bacteria are a kind of germs that infect any body part of humans and get them sick. It causes infections in the ear, throat, mouth, eyes, abdomen, heart, chest, blood, skin, soft tissues, and some sexually transmitted infections. This medication is helpful in treating these infections and provides relaxation to patients. Bacterial infection is a kind of health situation in which a patient is infected by bacterial organisms, that enters the body of the patient through cut, wound, and get in touch with an infectious person. The symptoms of bacterial infections are nausea, vomiting, headache, swelling, rashes, inflammation, joint pain, runny nose, and difficulty in breathing.

This is an injectable form of medication made up of Ceftriaxone. This drug is useful in treating various bacterial infections and kills the bacteria by stopping the formation of bacterial cell walls which is important for the survival of bacteria. Overall, it is helpful in the treatment of bacterial infections.

Most patients face common side effects after taking the dose of Ceftriaxone 1gm injection, and the side effects include diarrhea, nausea, rashes, changes in blood cells, liver tests, increasing and decreasing white blood cells, and blurred vision. These effects do not need any heat treatment by a doctor because resolve after a particular time period. In case of severe bad effects with the use of drugs, patients or users should take consultancy of a doctor for treating them. Never use this medication with self-guidance, this injection should be administered by patients with the help of a professional nurse. Patients should ignore driving because many patients feel dizzy with the use of this medication.

Product Description

 Brand Name: Pathocid 1gm

 Manufacturer: Mestra Pharma

 Form of medication: Injection

Price: 61

Type of medication: Allopathic

Treatment: Bacterial Infections

 Usage: Medical/ Clinical

Packaging Size: With WFI

 Packaging Type: Vial

Country Of Origin: India

Prescription Or Non Prescription: Prescription

Storage Of Ceftriaxone 1gm Injection

  • Read the information on the label or ask the doctor or pharmacist
  • Keep the injection based medication in a cool and dry place
  • Away from dark sunlight.
  • Also, keep the Ceftriaxone 1gm injection away from pets and children.
  • Do not keep the injection in a humidity area like a bathroom
  • Never freeze the drug

Advice For Safety Purposes

  • Follow the instruction related to the use of Injections by a healthcare provider.
  • Never skip the dose of Ceftriaxone 1gm injection.
  • Swelling on the application site is normal
  • If the patient or user feels any kind of discomfort with the use of the drug then he should discontinue the medication
  • It is good for users if they complete the course, it means they should continue taking doses of medications if they feel better.
  • If patients feel diarrhea while taking medication then do nonstop use of the drug if the situation gets worsens then stop the use of medication with permission of healthcare.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol, and caffeine with Ceftriaxone 1gm injection because it can be harmful to the user.
  • Quitting smoking is good for the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: Can I take Ceftriaxone 1gm injection with self-Medication?

 Answer: No, This medication is not used by self-medication by the patients, not only this but consumption or taking any kind of medication is not good for treating infections.

Question: Ceftriaxone 1gm injection is used to treat viral infections?

Answer: The primary function of this medication is to treat bacterial infections.

So, patients or users should avoid the application of drugs for the treatment of infections causes by viruses.

Question: Can this Ceftriaxone 1gm injection be useful in children?

Answer: Well, this medication is not for use in children but with a low amount of dose only with recommendations of healthcare can e used for treating bacterial infections in kids.

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