Tramadol 50 MG

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Tramadol Injection – This injection contains a strong painkiller Tramadol which is a pain-relieving medicine that belongs to the class of opiate (narcotic) analgesics. This medication is used to treat moderate and severe pain in adults. It includes pain after an operation or a serious injury. TROMA INJ is the brand name of the injectable that is available at Mestra Pharma at affordable prices.

Usage of Tramadol Injection

The usual dosage of Tramadol Injection is 50 mg that can be adjusted according to the pain severity and response of the medicine towards the pain. It is given either by intravenous or intramuscular route with the difference of 4- hours. This injection is given by the doctor or health professional or it can be self-used but with the proper precautions.

Who Cannot Use Tramadol Injection?

One must avoid using Tramadol Injection if he is –

  1. allergic to tramadol
  2. asthma or breathing problems
  3. stomach disorder or bowel obstruction
  4. metabolic disorder
  5. drug or alcohol addiction
  6. children with the age of 18 years or less

Major Things to Note Before Using Tramadol Injection

  1. Strictly avoid alcohol during the course of the injection as it will lead to dangerous after-effects or may even cause death.
  2. Avoid performing any activity that requires focus such as driving, operating machinery, or any other hazardous activity.
  3. Do not use two doses at a time as it will worsen the pain even more.
  4. Never share the injection with other people because misuse of the injection can cause death.
  5. Stop taking other opioid medications after starting the dosage of Tradamol Injection.

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