Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets

BRAND NAME: Cabromed 0.25

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Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets is a woman-care medicine. The tablets belong to the group of dopamine agonists. The tablets the signal reaches the brain effectively as it stimulates dopamine which is responsible for transmitting the brain signal. The tablets also block the action of the prolactin hormone. The medicines help treat hyperprolactinemia, which is an increased production of breast milk. It is a Gynae drug that is presented to the mother after the baby is stillborn, has an abortion, or even has a miscarriage. Sometimes the women don’t want to feed the child, hence these tables work in reducing breastmilk formation. 

The Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets are also recommended by a healthcare professional for treating hormonal imbalance. The hormonal disturbance in a woman’s body includes irregular periods, mood swings, and lack of periods, and if menses arrive the flow is almost negligible. The hormones can also cause the production of breast milk even when you are breastfeeding. 

The Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets are advised to be consumed with precautions. The advised precaution is, to take the tablets in a limited quantity. Avoid the use of any pharmaceutical drug which may cause health issues. Pregnant women are not allowed to consume it if they have health troubles related to the kidney, heart attack, liver injection, hypertension, or any other report to the doctor before the consumption. 

Side effects of Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets are nausea, vomiting, headache, sleep distribution, loose stools, breast pain, depression, and hot flashes. This is only for external use, and store it in a cool and dry place. 

Uses of Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets

Cabergoline salt is used in 0.25 mg. The salt specializes in the treatment of women’s health. Below are the mentioned advantages of the medicines.

  • It offers treatment in reducing the production of breast milk.
  • It creates a hormonal balance that reduces irregular periods, painful menstruation, lack of periods, and others.
  • The tablets are recommended to be taken under the supervision of healthcare experts.
  • This is a dopamine agonist that balances the nerve signals received by the brain. 
  • Tablets are helpful for women who face mirage, abortion, and a stillborn baby. 

Precaution with Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets

The advised precautions necessary with the tablet are described below. The tablets if taken after the approval of the doctor benefit from the best results.

  • The suggested advice for the precautions is described below.
  • Take the tablets in a limited quantity.
  • Avoid the use of medicines if it causes allergies.
  • Do not consume the tablet if you have issues with the liver, kidney, and heart.
  • When the side effects of the tablet are severe, inform the doctor. 
  • This is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Tablets are not pediatric.

Side Effects of Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets

The common side effects of the tablets are,

  • Abdominal pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Drepessiona
  • Hot flashes
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Breast pain
  • Lower blood pressure

Note- The Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets are only for eternal use.

Storage- Keep the Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets in a cool and dry place with no connection to sunlight. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets

Question 1. Are the Cabergoline 0.25 mg tablets safe for use?

Answer 1. Yes, the Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets are ISO, GMO, and WHO certified, hence safe to use.

Question 2. What is the dose requirement for Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets?

Answer 2. Generally, a woman is advised to consume 1 dose per day you can prefer to consume as per the recommendation of a doctor.

Question 3. Cabergoline 0.25 mg Tablets completely reduces breastmilk production.

Answer 3. It will reduce the breastmilk production if taken regularly.

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