Clindamycin 100 mg + Clotrimazole 200 mg Capsule

BRAND NAME: Vegimed -C Soft Gel Capsule
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Bacterial and fungal infections are very common these days. Bacterial infections are caused by a microorganism name bacteria whereas fungal infections are caused by microorganism name fungi. These two organisms are sometimes very useful for humans but some varieties of these micro-organisms can cause infection. And these infections grow further because these organisms can multiply themselves. And there is a vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV), candidiasis, and trichomoniasis to treat these kinds of infections we need effective antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

This capsule has one of the composition name Clindamycin and this chemical composition comes under the category of antibiotic which attack on that bacteria which is causing bacterial infection, whereas Clotrimazole is another composition from this capsule that fall under the category of antifungal drugs and this composition attack the fungi which is causing fungal infections. Combining these two increases its effectiveness because these two combinations can tackle bacterial and fungal infections together.

Mechanisms of Clindamycin 100 mg and Clotrimazole 200 mg Capsules

There can be different-different ways of administrating the drug in the body. The way to administrate this capsule in the body is vaginal which makes this capsule more effective in treating vaginal infection because this way it can attack on the infection directly. The modes of action of these two compositions are very different which are mentioned below.

Clindamycin- This is an antibiotic and this helps help in killing the bacteria. Proteins are a very essential thing for any living being for performing certain body functions and that is why bacteria also need protein but Clindamycin inhibits the protein synthesis of bacteria which they need for performing their important body function without protein they die. That is how this Clindamycin stops the multiplication of the bacteria.

Clotrimazole- This chemical composition falls in the category of an antifungal drug and this drug is used for treating fungal infections. Fungi have a cell wall membrane that they use to protect themselves from environmental stress but this Clotrimazole inhibits the formation of this protective layer of the fungi without that they are unable to bear the environmental stress and die.

Benefits of Clindamycin 100 mg and Clotrimazole 200 mg Capsules

Vaginal infection can create many problems and to deal with such problems we need effective drugs which can solve microbial infection. This capsule can solve the infection caused by bacteria and also the infection caused by fungi. These are some of the benefits of this capsule which are mentioned below.

  1. This capsule stops bacterial and fungal growth.
  2. This capsule is useful for treating microbial infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV), candidiasis, and trichomoniasis.
  3. This medication provides instant relief from vaginal infection.
  4. This medication stops the duplication process of bacteria and fungi.

Side effects of Clindamycin 100 mg and Clotrimazole 200 mg Capsules

This is a synthetic drug that is based on specific chemicals and these chemicals have specific properties which tackle the specific medical condition but in doing so sometimes these chemicals adversely affect our bodies. These are some side effects that you face because of this medication.

  • Vaginal burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Itching

Direction for using Clindamycin 100 mg and Clotrimazole 200 mg Capsules

This medication must be started under the prescription of a doctor and to gain full effectiveness of this capsule you must follow these instructions which are mentioned below.

  1. This capsule must be directly inserted into the vagina and the best time is when you are going to sleep.
  2. If accidentally residue of this capsule goes into your eyes resin it with water at once.
  3. Store this capsule in a dry and cool place.
  4. Complete the course of this medication even if you get relief from the symptoms of the infections otherwise, it will grow again because bacteria are very smart organisms and they can also create resistance against this drug.
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